Posted on: November 8, 2008 2:56 am

Michael Crabtree

I have been saying saying way before the season started Crabtree is the best player in college football and I am a die hard Longhorn fan.  It really hurt to the core to see him score in the last seconds last weekend but even after the horrible tackling that was displayed in order for him to score, I have to give him his props.   This guy is ready for the big time.  They keep talking  about his QB and McCoy as front runners for the heisman, but lets get thing straight, Micheal Crabtree is the best of the best.  He deservers the Heisman no doubt.  An ex QB in high school you can see his knowledge of the game and not to mention is top notch athletic ability.  The QB's have the ball in their hand every play, it would be interesting to see how many touches and what he has done when he has made catches or ran.  I just see it as it is.  He's the best player no doubt.  What do you think?
Posted on: July 22, 2008 4:24 pm

All Time Favorite Play in the NFL

I have a lot of plays that stick out and when I saw it said no way.  Well, here is mine.  It was a game in which Dallas Cowboys were playing the Minnesota Vikings and I believe it was a Monday night game.  This record can never be beat.  If you are a real sports fan you know where I am going.  The QB hands the ball off to Tony Dorsett he runs through the defensive line breaks right gets past the LB's heads to the sidelines and is gone.  He may go all the way.  Yes!!!!!!!!  He takes 99 yards and breaks the record of the longest TD in NFL history. 

I was pretty young in those days but I was on my feet yelling GO! TONY! GO! TONY! GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tony Dorsett was a great NFL RB and to this day is my favorite Cowboy of all time.  Yeah, they have some better players statically but he was a rookie when I first started really getting into watching the NFL.  He was the starting RB when they won the SB in 77.  My mom bought me, my brother, and two of my cousing the Super Bowl Program which I still have today.  We all bleed blue and always will.  Through the good seasons and bad seasons we are there routing them on. 

Let me know what play is your favorite.

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Posted on: July 21, 2008 8:44 pm

Kevin Everret and the Jim Valvano Award at ESPY'S

It was nice to see he was recognized for his courage.  He played at Thomas Jefferson High School here in my hometown of Port Arthur, TX.  I watched him play in a couple of games.  He went on to play at the U and of course the Buffalo Bills.  He sure got a lot bigger.  He was tall and skinny in HS.   Anyway, it was nice to see him win such a pretigious award.
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Posted on: July 21, 2008 3:34 pm

Jason Taylor Trade to Washington Redskins

This trade will help Washington no doubt.  Especially, when their starting DE went down in 1st day of training camp. 

But if you think for even one minute, this is going to deter the Dallas Cowboys from what is going to be a great season.  You better get off the pipe.  It's our year baby.  We got all the right pieces.  I am not going to go down every piece and new piece.  You know what they are.  That is if you are a sports fan.  Just Win Baby!

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  • The Shark is back to old tricks. The chum bait has been tossed and The Shark is not just nibbling on it.  He is about to digest it all at the shores of Royal Birkdale. This is absolutely great for golf and Greg Norman.  This has history made written all over it.  Going in with the lead after 3 rounds at the age of 53, I believe he's really and truly has a great chance at taking his 3rd major title. 
  • If you notice how well he is putting, you will see that this is no joke.  I am no golf expert but, I see time and time again older players that get into contention and their putting goes bonkers on the weekend.   Tom Watson yesterday is a prime example.  Let's be honest, Greg Norman is not your average 53 year old professional golfer.  He can drive it consistently as long as the pros on the PGA and drives it straight.  Yeah, his fairways hit over the three days at Birkdale may not be high, but he has not been in too many bad spots either.  Alot of analysts and commentators believe it is going to come down to putting, but I think The Shark really has to drive it well tomorrow.  He was more aggressive on some holes and Tom Watson questioned some of his choices but he escaped major trouble and was rewarded quite nicely on 17.  He had a drive a 380!  He is more physically fit than alot tour professionals.  Norman's playing partner tomorrow PadriqHarrington chose the other route.  Padriq hit considerably more 3 woods off the tee.  I believe is Norman's biggest threat. 
  • This will be a British Open for the ages.  The galleries will be roaring and they will have all the drama they need.  The Brits will have their countryman Simon Wakefield in the next to last group and an excellent chance to be the first Brit to take home the title since Nick Faldo.  The last group to tee off Norman and Harrington will be an absolute riot.  The Irish will cheering on their o'boy and Norman will have the crowd on his side as well.  Real golf fans know how special this is going to be.  Notice, I haven't even mentioned Tiger.  I love Tiger and the PGA Tour needs Tiger but, if you're not glued to the tele tomorrow you're not a real golf fan. 
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